Meaning of the Name Danakosha

Brief Explanation of the Deeper Significance of the Name “Danakosha”

To the west of India in the land of Oddiyana, there was situated, in the midst of a lake, an island called Danakosha. Abode of the four types of Nagas, it was like a treasury of wealth which continually satiated whatever anyone desired. The banks, strewn with golden sand were encircled by many sublime trees, sandalwood and so forth, where birds as well as tame and wild animals, living in harmony with each other, cheerfully disported.

In various directions there were charnel grounds where mamos and khandros (dakas and dakinis) resided continually, spontaneously arisen stupas and the Orgyen Heruka Temple, seat of the treasure-holders of the infinite, profound, secret Tantric sacred scriptures. The kingdom, felicity and fame all endured and the king, ministers, retinue and subjects all prospered through the glory of the many excellent Dharma activities and wordly affairs. As the birthplace of the Dzogchen Master Garab Dorje and of Guru Padmasambhava, celestial beings and others have come from afar and brought supreme offerings. Moreover, the Master Jampal Shenyen or Manjushrimitra and many other scholars and siddhas have gathered here and this is the origin of all the secret Tantra teachings.

Since the name Danakosha embraces all these auspicious meanings, it was bestowed for the purpose of serving as a reminder of the kindness of all the great Indian and Tibetan masters as well as, so that in the mindstream of those practitioners endowed with faith and with a connection to Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche, all activities in accordance with the Dharma, which arise from seeing the great excellence of this auspicious connection, will be fulfilled effortlessly, attaining the qualities of scripture and realization vieing only with the glory of the waxing moon.