Danakosha Finland
Danakosha Finland

Tibetan Buddhist Community in the Nyingma Tradition

Benefits of the Tara practice

May sickness and famine, fighting and strife, all recede!
May spiritual richness increase even further!
May the spiritual rulers’ kingdoms expand!
May every country near and far have harmony!

Protect us from the sixteen threats and untimely death,
From menacing dreams and sinister omens,
From the miseries of samsara’s lower realms;
From every peril, now and always!

Increase our life, merit, capacity, experience and realization!
May harmful notions not intrude!
May the twofold awakened mind arise, free of effort!
May our aims be fulfilled in accordance with the Dharma!

From now until supreme enlightenment,
Like a mother protects her only child,
Always guard us with your kindness!
Let us be indivisible from you

Like the wish-fulfilling jewel and the vase of bounty,
Unimpeded, every wish you do fulfill.
Noble Tara, conquerors and offspring,
Bestow the auspiciousness of being forever nurtured by your compassion

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