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Danakosha Ling is a Tibetan Buddhist center building a sanctuary where anyone can discover peace of mind.

We ask for your support in finishing our amazing retreat rooms. Help us complete our work!

The Plan

We aim to provide clean and comfortable retreat rooms, enjoyable food and refreshing bathing facilities.

Whether taking part in a weekend course or staying in a long-term personal retreat, functional retreat rooms will make it possible for us to offer you a comfortable place to stay.

The remaining work consists of two parts:


14 same-size individual rooms will be built with two beds, a single window and cozy wooden floor


Plumbing and installing all kitchen, bathroom and technical appliances.

Final floors will be laid and a small wooden outside terrace completed.


14 twin bed rooms
1 wheelchair accessible room​


50 m² kitchen
100+ m² dining space, including outside terrace


2 dedicated showers
4 showers combined with toilet

For everyone

Wheelchair accessible

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Bank transfer

Account holder: Danakosha Ling
IBAN: FI39 4055 0010 1206 38


19402 € of our goal of 60 000 € donated

Generosity brings happiness at every stage of its expression. We experience joy in forming the intention to be generous. We experience joy in the actual act of giving something. And we experience joy in remembering the fact that we have given. – Buddha

01. What is Danakosha Ling?

Danakosha Ling is a Tibetan Buddhist center in south-western Finland founded by Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche. Since arriving in the west some 15 years ago, Rinpoche has been guiding a steadily growing community of interested students wishing to study and make available the precious and rare teachings of the Buddha. The center was bought in 2016, and since then countless volunteers have worked hard to make it into a traditional Tibetan Buddhist center.

02. What is the dormitory project for?

The dormitory will make it possible for us to offer basic accommodation and food for any visitors during our many events. It will also serve practitioners during their personal retreats.

03. What have you accomplished so far?

We’ve crossed the halfway milestone:

  • all major structural works on the ground floor are finished
  • the building’s foundations, all vertical elements and roof are in great condition
  • entire ground floor received new floors, wall surfaces and insulation
  • we installed sewage, clean water piping with incorporated floor heating, and electricity
  • new windows and doors were installed, closing the space off and making it possible to heat it during wintertime
  • outside walls have been additionally insulated and finished with a nice silicon plaster

As a result we now have an ample kitchen, elegant dining hall, sanitary and technical facilities and a separate wheelchair-accessible room all ready to receive appliances and furniture after the plumbing works are through.

04. What is the project's timeline?

We are currently at a critical stage in the project process, virtually few steps away from starting to utilize the dorm provisionally.

Your support now is vital for us to continue works in the coming months so that the building can welcome its first guests next summer.

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Fundraising permit

The National Police Board fundraising permit number RA/2018/547, granted 4.6.2018 to Danakosha Ling (2058825-1). Executive area whole Finland, excluding Åland. Executive period 4.6.2018-3.6.2021. The collected funds will be used for the renovation of Danakosha Ling’s estate in Jokioinen during renovations done in 2018-2021. The collection is executed by Danakosha Ling.