Full moon, Buddha Shakyamuni Practice


Buddha Shakyamuni is the source of all Buddhadharma and all the enlightened beings on Earth.

As followers of Buddhism, practicing Buddha Shakyamuni is the most important. Simply seeing, hearing, or remembering Buddha Shakyamuni is a direct cause of liberation from samsara. Today we can see the images and representations of Buddha Shakyamuni and those who have links with Buddha Shakyamuni. Our devotion, confidence, renunciation, lovingkindness, and pure perceptions increase day by day whenever we see or remember the representations of Buddha Shakyamuni’s holy body. When we hear Buddha’s teachings, it reduces our ignorance, anger, attachment, suffering, and all of our afflictions. Those who can think of the Buddha’s qualities and images receive peace of mind, clarity of mind, and luminosity of mind. Therefore practicing Buddha Shakyamuni is very important such that we should practice as much as possible and at least every full moon day.
– Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche

Buddha Shakyamuni practice involves us bringing to mind the body, qualities, and enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha through reciting his noble deeds and his root mantra. In this practice we also pay homage to his direct disciples and their actions as well.

Danakosha Ling will host Buddha Shakyamuni practice at 6 pm Finnish (EET) time on site and via Zoom webcast.
Please note that this event starts at 4 pm Finnish time on weekends.
If the Shakyamuni Buddha practice will be livestreamed, a link will be posted via Facebook or WhatsApp a couple days before the event.
Everybody is welcome!


Feb 24 2024


Starts at 4:00 PM on Weekend days.
4:00 pm


Danakosha Ling
Forssantie 37, Jokionen, Finland


Danakosha Ling

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