Danakosha Enlightenment Stupa Project - 2023 Update

The Stupa Project

In 2022, the construction of a Great Enlightenment Stupa begun at Danakosha Ling, following the grand vision of Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche to have representations of the Buddha´s body, speech and mind in Scandinavia.

Under Rinpoche’s guidance, and with the joyful participation of many donors and hard-working volunteers, a significant part of the stupa was finished last summer.

The stupa represents the Buddha’s mind and is a source of merit and happiness for the land it’s built in, as well as the world in general. Its blessings are vast, and since it is constructed using hardy materials, it can stay around for a very long time.

All around the world, stupas are constructed as a reminder of the Pristine Mind of the Buddha, and are considered an object of refuge in Buddhism. In places like Tibet, India and Nepal, stupas built hundreds of years ago can still be visited to this day.

Ways to support the project

stupa being constructed in finland

General Stupa Donation

We are now putting in a collective effort to complete the Danakosha Ling stupa in the summer this year. This requires the procurement and preparation of the inner blessing objects and substances, completing the construction of the outer structure, and some basic land development providing access to the stupa and a circumambulation path.

To achieve our goals, we need additional support from the entire community. We thus welcome donations, of any amount, to this project.

Lama Gomchen creating the tsa-tsas to be put inside the Stupa

Katso video

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