Saga Dawa Festival

The Saga Dawa Festival at Danakosha Ling is coming up soon, and you are invited to join us at this very special event. This is also to update that the program has changed slightly, since Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche has been invited to represent the Finnish Buddhist Union in the 18th United Nations for Day of Vesak (UNDV), which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Therefore, Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche will not be able to give a full teaching program as previously planned. Yet, he will be present on Sunday, June 4th during the ceremony of placing the Buddha’s relics and setting the Life Tree in the Great Enlightenment Stupa, which is one of the most important moments in the building of a Stupa.

Here are the details for the new program:

Friday, June 2nd – 7pm Dharma talk by the Venerable Khenpos

Lama Ozer Pasang – known as Lopon (Master) Ozer Pasang of His Holiness Dodrupchen Gompa in Gangtok Sikkhim. He is a pure gelong (fully ordained monk) and in particular is a Master stupa specialist. Lopon built many stupas, statues, and holy works. In particular he created stupas depicting all of the 12 major activities of the Buddhas. The holy artworks featured on the stupas were handcrafted by Lopon Ozer Pasang. At Danakosha Ling Lopon is in charge of filling the stupas, statues, and ornaments.

Khenpo Kalsang Nyima ja Khenpo Shedrup Choejor– completed sutra and tantra teachings at Ngagyur Nyima College (the institution of higher learning at Mindrolling Monastery) and received the highest degree of Khenpo. At Mindroling College, both of them are transmitting Dharma and other teachings to new generations of monks. They arrived here for the great enlightenment stupa construction. We are blessed to have such well learned and practiced scholars here at Danakosha Ling.

Saturday, June 3rd – two sessions of Tara Puja, 10am and 3pm

Practice sessions will be with our guest Lamas: the Most Venerable Lama Ozer Palsang from Dodrupchen Monastery, and Khenpo Kalsang Nyima , and Khenpo Shedrup Chojor from Mindrolling Monastery.

Sunday, June 4th: All-day program with Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche, which will include the Life Tree setting in the Stupa.

Cost: food will be 15€ per day. Accommodations at Danakosha dorms: 30€ per night (22€ per night for Danakosha members, students and the unemployed).

There will be no charge for teachings for this event, but you are of course welcome to make offerings to the Lamas.

Please register here before May 23rd 2023 so we can prepare for you in time!

If for some reason the registration form does not work, you can also register by email at [email protected] . Please be sure to include your full name and contact details (phone and email).

You are most welcome to join us in this celebration of auspiciousness!



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