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2024 Summer Teaching – Resting in Meditation (Sam Tan Ngal So)

Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche will be giving a 2024 Summer Course teaching on Gyalwa Longchen Rabjampa’s ’Resting in Meditation’ and its associated Commentary ’Pure Chariot.’ ’Resting in Meditation’ is part of the Resting Trilogy (Kor Sum Ngal So) of Gyalwa Longchenpa. This book features Three Vajra Points guiding the way that a meditator relaxes into the meditative state.

  1. The qualities of a place that is best for meditation.
  2. What qualities are best for meditators.
  3. The essential practices of a meditator.

The Ngal So Trilogy has one chief book and two supporting books:

  • Resting in Mind and it’s commentary Great Chariot – covers the nine yanas and the view of the tantric path in detail. This is therefore the main essence of the whole trilogy
  • Resting in Meditation and it’s commentary the Pure Chariot – the central topic is Dzogchen Meditation.
  • Resting in Illusion and it’s commentary the Perfect Chariot – the Conduct, the postmeditation state of a meditator and the illusory nature of all phenomena.

The summer course will take place between Friday 12th to Sunday 21st of July at Danakosha Ling.

Course details:

The teaching is open for those who are Buddhists and have received tantric initiations.

Teaching fee: 320€, or 240€ reduced price for Danakosha members, students, and the unemployed.


Staying in a dorm room at Danakosha Ling is 32 € per night, or 24 € per night for Danakosha members, students and the unemployed.

You may also bring your own tent and stay on Danakosha grounds for a total of 60€ for the entire course.

Food: Meals are 15 € per day.

Register by June 28th by filling the form at https://forms.gle/Ps4ZJyKpQcoT7zW98


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