Longchen Rabjampa Parinirvana

Join us on Wednesday, February 8 at 17:00 for a special Q&A session with Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche, in honor of Longchen Rabjampa’s Parinirvana Day.Longchen Rabjam was one of the most exceptional and accomplished Dzogchen yogis of the past millennia and his teachings inspired many lamas across all traditions including Jigme Lingpa. This is a powerful and meaningful day filled with blessings and connection from Longchenpa, and an opportunity for us to seek guidance and wisdom from Rinpoche.

Whether you choose to attend in person or online, all are welcome to participate and learn.



Feb 08 2023


All Day


Danakosha Ling
Forssantie 37, Jokionen, Finland


Danakosha Ling

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