Religious ceremonies for those in need

Power of the Buddhas who have reached the three kayas, power of the unchangeable reality, and power of the wishes of the sangha are immeasurable. We are very pleased to help those who really need it through different kinds of religious ceremonies.

Pujas increasing power of auspiciousness

What is the meaning of the puja of increasing power of auspiciousness? Sometimes, what ever you do goes constantly wrong, and sometimes there are no apparent problems, but you always feel very weak. No one can find any reasons, but your mind is constantly unhappy.

Buddha described that it is through the weakness of our accumulation of merit, and through decreasing of the power of our life energy. There are certain mantra recitations to solve this problem.

If you can do it yourself, you can do so. If you can’t do it yourself, you can ask others to do it to increase the power of auspiciousness.

Requestable pujas for auspiciousness

Pujas for the sick

What is the benefit of the puja for the sick? There are many kinds of sicknesses. Some can be cured by medicine, but not all of them. In general there are three ways to cure sicknesses: through the power of substances, through the power of mantras, and through the power of concentration of mind.

Many years ago there was no medicine of substances, but people could use mantras to cure their problems. Many thousands of years back they only used concentration, or the power of samadhi. This tradition of combining these methods is still alive. Why would you not try it?

Here again, if you can do it you can do so, or you can ask others to do it for you.

Requestable pujas for the sick

Pujas for the dead

What does the puja for the dead mean? Your dear person is gone from our world and we can’t contact him directly, but we should not think that he is completely gone. During the bardo state his soul is very clear, and he can see us very clearly, and he even knows what we think. 

He also looks for his belongings. If we have love and compassion to him, it really helps him in moving to the next life. It also helps if we use his belongings for positive actions, which means trying to create more compassion and loving kindness to him through his belongings. 

Since Buddha’s time, his followers strongly believe that it is very important to create positive actions as much as possible yourself and also ask others to do so at least during the first 49 days by using a dead person’s belongings for special pujas, offer butter lamps, and give to the poor. You should have kindness to your dead person.

Requestable pujas for the dead

Other ceremonies

What other purposes can pujas be done for?

In general, even if you have everything perfect, you can still do certain pujas in order to keep this perfection and increase it. Nevertheless, in all these pujas, it depends on your motivation whether the result is only for this life or if it becomes a cause of attaining enlightenment.

If you have good enough motivation, even small pujas can bring the qualities of enlightenment. Therefore it’s very important and beneficial to have a good motivation at all times while doing positive actions.

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