Tashi Delek to all my vajra brothers and sisters!

What is the meaning of Tashi Delek?

Outer Tashi means the wish for harmony of earth, water, fire and wind, and freedom from enemies, robbery and thieves. Outer Delek means abundance of growth of fruit bearing trees and flowers, and increasing life, power, wealth and fame.

Inner Tashi means the wish that the inner elements of all sentient beings are in harmony, and that they are free from sickness, obstructing spirits and poverty, and have peace from fighting and arguments with others. Inner Delekmeans richness of accumulation of ten virtues, knowledge of right view, and youth, health and strength.

Secret Tashi means the wish that recognizing the secret nature of mind brings about serenity and excellent qualities. Secret Delek means freedom from all five poisons of emotions, thoughts and obstructing spirits, as well as an ocean of qualities of happiness and benefit.

Outer Tashi means the wish that all mother sentient beings within the three worlds and six realms realize that all samsaric things have no essence or worth, like a stone on a path or things in the garbage. Outer Delek means realizing through genuine and unfabricated renunciation that the three jewels are the highest protector.

Inner Tashi means the wish of loving kindness arising to all mother sentient beings, equal to our parents of this life. With happiness and helpful mind we wish to accomplish the practice of seeing the self and others as equal, exchanging self and others, or seeing others as more important than oneself. Inner Delek means freedom from darkness of clinging to self, and extraordinary mind of benefiting all, supported by the excellent six paramitas.

Secret Tashi means the wish to recognize that one’s ground is naturally pure, and from that to arise pure perception and devotion to all sentient beings, supported by diligence. Secret Delek means accomplishment of generation and perfection stages through the power of blessings of realized beings.

Outer Tashi means the nature of Buddha Nirmanakaya, which is the excellent realization of having fully abandoned the two obscurations and accomplished two wisdoms. Outer Delek means turning of the wheel of dharma according to the needs of the three types of sentient beings.

Inner Tashi means Buddha Shambhogakaya, which is five excellent certainties. Inner Delek is the nature of the highest teacher of the excellent noble ones, having thirteen ornaments.

Secret Tashi means Buddha Dharmakaya, which is the source of the Buddha’s two forms for the benefit of sentient beings, based on self-accomplishment, such as the ten powers. Secret Delek means unconditioned essence of mind, bliss, clarity, and freedom from any conceptions.

The reality of Tashi means that the primordially pure essence, its nature total clarity, and all-pervading compassion of the three kayas, exist naturally in each sentient being. This can also be called the essence of the primordial Buddha. The reality of Delek means that within us at this very moment the ocean of Buddhas’ qualities are totally accomplished, free from changing, increase and decrease.

I wish from the center of my heart the realization of great Tashi Delek to all my vajra brothers and sisters, particularly at this occasion of Tibetan New Year, Losar 2012.


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