Great Enlightenment Stupa: Saga Dawa Update

We are very happy to share some nice pictures from the event of the Saga Dawa celebration. According to the Tibetan calendar, the Full moon in the fourth month of the year, is the most important day of the year.

On this special occasion, we had a three-day program. On the last day, the Full Moon day, we set up the “life tree” in the Great Enlightenment Stupa being built in Danakosha Ling. The work on this Stupa began 1 year and 1 week ago, continuing until this day of the Full moon of Saga Dawa.

We were so happy to be joined by so many of our Noble Sangha members on this wonderful occasion, especially Venerable Phra Mahanuan Chamnanram and a large retinue of his followers.

The completion of this project relied on the great effort and dedication of our perfect guide and teacher, Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche, as well as Venerable Lama Ozer Palzang, Khenpo Shedrup Chunjor, Khenpo Kalsang Nyinma and particularly the great efforts of Shedrup Gailek as well as all of our volunteers, supporters and donors.

By this merit we wish that all mother sentient being attain enlightenment, especially those who are connected to this project, physically, mentally as well as those supporting materially.

Sarwa mangalam

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