Stupa construction at Danakosha Ling

stupa symbolism explained

We are very happy to announce the completion of the first stage of Danakosha Ling’s Enlightenment Stupa Project. Great thanks to everyone who participated in this precious project especially Lama Shatup Gailak-la. Please enjoy this commentary about the symbolism of this stupa and the progress photos. Rejoicing in this holy project is a quick and […]

Upcoming events in Danakosha Ling

TEACHINGS ON THE LONGCHEN NYINGTHIK PRELIMINARIES. Nov 11 2022 – Nov 13 2022 Weekend teachings on the Longchen Nyingthik Preliminaries with Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche. Full day teachings starting 10am. CELEBRATION OF LHABAB DUCHEN Nov 14 2022 – Nov 15 2022 Danakosha Sangha is gathering for the celebration of Lhabab Duchen and Great Practice of Tara. […]

New website launched

Dear everyone, we are very happy to announce that the new website is launched today! To make your experience on this website more enjoyable, you are very welcome to send contact us with any bugs or ideas for improvement that you might have. Write to us and we will forward your thoughts to the webmaster.