New year announcement from Danakosha Ling

Dear vajra brothers and sisters, as well as friends from near and far. On the auspicious occasion of the conclusion of the annual Konchog Chidu Drubchod at Danakosha Ling, Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche mentioned some important wishes for the year of 2024 and 2025.

Great inauguration of the stupa 2025

In the summer of 2023, the great stupa at Danakosha Ling was finished and blessed by Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche.

It is Rinpoche’s wish to have a final inauguration and blessing of the stupa in August, 2025. Before that, we wish to arrange the surrounding area of the stupa with flowers, a staircase for access to the stupa, as well as other landscaping like flowers and plants.

See a short video of the location below

This project requires skilled help from volunteers as well and economic support. Please read more about supporting the project here. If you are skilled in landscaping and wish to help, please get in touch with us!

Summer course on Relaxing in Meditation by Gyalwa Longchen Rabjam

Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche announced that the summer course of 2024 will be on Lonchenpa’s Relaxing in Meditation, from the Ngalso Korsum. Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche previously taught the whole commentary (The Great Chariot) and root text of Relaxing in the Nature of Mind in the 5-year course that concluded a few years ago at Danakosha Ling. We are very happy and thankful for Rinpoche’s kindness in sharing these precious teachings with us. The course is planned for July 2024. Registrations for the course will open soon. Follow us on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter to get notified once registrations are open!

Spreading of the Buddhadharma in the West

Rinpoche gave a spontaneous speech where he expressed his wish to have Dharma really take root in Finland and the West in general. Rinpoche explained that it is us who practice, with our regular lives and family, that will one day carry the Buddhist lineage to others. Rinpoche strongly emphasized that we should see ourselves having the responsibility for keeping the Buddha Dharma alive in this country, in the future.

To encourage us, Rinpoche gave the example that what we are doing today, is the result of what we have done in the past. If we are practicing Dharma today, we must have done so previously, maybe for many lives. If we diligently continue practicing from today, our future will inadvertently be connected to the Buddha’s teachings, and ultimately enlightenment. The meaning of this is clearly conveyed in the Sutras. Therefore, we should not think that we cannot carry the lineage in the future, as it is totally dependent on our actions from now on.

Rinpoche further encouraged us to practice a little more Dharma, in order for our realization to ripen and our ability to benefit others to bloom.

Finally, Rinpoche explained that we should take care of our family. If we can’t take care of them and have the possibility to do so, then how are we going to benefit all sentient beings?

The assembled participants of the retreat were all greatly inspired and joyful and made aspirations to support Rinpoche’s wishes in the coming years!

Participants of the Konchog Chidu retreat wishing you a happy 2024!

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